Casement Door


These are regular doors with an opening inward or opening outward function. They are a general replacement for entrance doors. Between Casement doors offer an appealing modern design with highest degree of safety and insulation.

French Door

A type of casement door, French doors appear to be a combination of multiple panes, separated by uPVC frames (false mullions). Presenting a modern sophisticated look, these doors are widely used as the main entrance for a house.

Advantages of uPVC-entrance doors

  • main entrance doors made of uPVC require low maintenance and have an average service life of 30 years
  • modern technologies guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as burglary resistance
  • enormous energy savings potential and recyclability protect the environment
  • uPVC doors are highly cost-efficient
  • uPVC entrance doors are resistant to weathering, exhaust gases and cleansing agents due to the durable material PVC your main entrance door will not lose value in the long term and therefore your home will neither