• Between frames use lead-free PVC for all profiles
  • Easy to recycle, thus preserve nature, especially tropical forests
Insulation and Energy Saving
  • Perfect heat and cold insulation of Between frames conserves energy during all seasons
  • Maximum wind resistance makes it ideal for high rise buildings and seaside locations
  • Excellent for sound insulation, especially in the growing urban regions
  • First-rate insulation values can be achieved in conjunction with modern glass
Minimal Maintenance
  • Between uPVC frames are easy to clean using a mild detergent, such as simple soapy water
  • Only a few hardware items of Between need occasional lubrication
  • Any maintenance can be done without removing the frame from the wall
Durability and Resistance
  • Between uPVC frames are efficient and durable for years without use of paint or any special maintenance
  • Highly strengthened frame and sash resist unwanted outsider penetration
  • Remain undeformed by moisture and temperature difference
  • Resistant against termites
  • Inhibits the growth of moulds, rust and corrosion as it doesn’t hold moisture
  • Creates a complete barrier from the outside world, decreasing harmful pollution,air-borne diseases and virus carrying insects
Cost Competitive
  • The initial costs for Between uPVC windows are lower than the price for compatible good quality wooden and aluminum windows
  • The value of housing can be increased by integration of Between window and door profiles
Design Capabilities
  • Availability of a wide-range of glazing options to suit speciality needs
  • Different combination of windows can be fabricated according to customer needs
  • Available in various colors, inside and outside
  • Suited for new buildings as well as renovation of existing houses

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